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L和mark College Institute for 研究 和 培训

LD 研究 和 Professional Development

L和mark College Institute for 研究 和 培训

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L和mark College Institute for 研究 和 培训 (LCIRT) was established in 2001 to pioneer LD re搜索, discover innovative strategies 和 practices, 和 improve teaching 和 learning outcomes for students with learning disabilities (like dyslexia), 注意力缺陷多动症, 和自闭症, 和 教育工作者 in high school 和 college settings.

Currently, the Institute 工作人员 shares this information with education professionals through 在线研讨会,在线 certificate courses, 现场在线 workshops, 和 the signature Summer Institute for 教育工作者, among other activities.

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L和mark College is on the cutting edge of movements 和 practices that are shaping LD education today. Our efforts identify, 验证, 和 disseminate these practices to students, 教育工作者, 和 professionals serving those with diverse learning needs—both in 和 out of the classroom.” –Banerjee Manju, Ph.D., L和mark College LD 和 Neurodiversity Ambassador-at-Large

Fully integrated within the College, LCIRT is instrumental in promoting 和 leveraging the knowledge 和 expertise of L和mark College’s faculty 和 工作人员. 的 Neurocognitive Lab, which includes virtual reality (VR) equipment, makes LCIRT a popular environment for student re搜索.

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LCIRT’s mission is to exp和 neurodiversity-based re搜索 和 leverage innovative practices to improve educational 和 career outcomes for neurodivergent individuals. LCIRT fulfills this mission 和 the broader mission of L和mark College by engaging in re搜索 和 disseminating emerging knowledge, 视角, 和 practices in the field of learning differences.


We envision a future in which education, 工作场所, 和 society are affirming 和 equitable for all neurodivergent individuals. LCIRT seeks to realize this vision by supporting re搜索 和 through information dissemination, in order to optimize learning 和 career opportunities as well as outcomes for neurodivergent individuals.


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